Direct Access

DAS, A1,A2 are the same course content the cost of a 4 day course is £770 all inclusive.

Cat A1: Light Motorcycles 17 – 19 years of age

The A1 is for people between the ages of 17-19. The test is taken on a bike upto 125cc not exceeding 11Kw

Cat A2: Medium Motorcycles 19 – 23 years of age

The A2 is for people between the ages of 19-23 and is taken on a bike of not less than 395cc between 25&35 Kw (33-46.6 BHP) After 2 years you can take a further test on a machine of at least 595cc and 40 Kw once this is passed you can ride any power machine.

Cat A: Unrestricted Motorcycles Direct Access 24 and over

Direct access training is for people over 24. These are 4-5 days dependant on experience and ability, this includes all on road riding skills and the DSA test.

Tailor made courses can be arranged to suit your needs, upon request.

All courses are inclusive of insurance, fuel and test fees. All courses are subject to availability.

Motorway / Night Riding

Once you have passed your test it doesn’t necessarily put you in the best position to tackle these particular situations. So we will teach you those much needed skills to help you on your way.

Licence options (click here)

NEW RULES ( Video below explains new rules for learner riders )

You can watch the video below about the new rules for riding a motorcycle or moped from 19 January 2013. The new rules include changes to motorcycles you can ride and the age you have to be to ride them.